Introduction: Watch Stand

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Ever wanted somewhere to put your watch where it could be out of the way, but neatly stored where you can still see the time? This instructable will give you a quick fix to your problem!

Step 1: Supplies

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All you need is:
-1 large paperclip
-2 push pins
-a cork board

Step 2: Open the Paperclip

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Take the end of wire which is outside the paperclip and bend it so it is 90° to the rest of the paperclip

Step 3: Pin It to the Cork Board

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-Pin the paperclip to the cork board at the enclosed end (the yellow pin).
-Rest the other end on the other pin but DON'T pin it down, just rest it on top

Step 4: Hang Up Your Watch

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Lift the paperclip from the end which is resting on the pin, slid your watch on and rest the paperclip back on the pin. And we're done!


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