Watch Starwars on Command EXE





Introduction: Watch Starwars on Command EXE

Watching starwars on your computer using command exe.
Its very simple and you need no download.
Also I don`t know if it works on windows vista i use windows xp.

Step 1: Starting Command Exe.

Now just go to start and press "run".
And type command.

Step 2: Playing the Movie!

now you have a black screen like that one down here.
than you type: telnet (I don`t know if it works outside the Netherlands if it doesn't please tell me :D)

Step 3: Watching the Movie

Now enjoy the movie. :D



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    You can enable vista to allow telnet by going to: Control Panel> Programs and Features> Turn Windows Features On and Off. Scroll down the list and put a check next to Telnet Client. Let the computer configure. (I hope this will work)

    how come when i do this on mi computer it goes really slow and on youtube when i look at a video it goes fast helop please i want to watch this while it is goin fast

    You can't. Period.
    and anything will run slow when you misspell a word much as "my".
     if you want to speak Spanish, then don't speak Spanglish.

    ever heard of text talk, or shall i say txt talk