Water Balloon Tyer Thingy




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Introduction: Water Balloon Tyer Thingy

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this is for all of you people who love water balloon wars

Step 1: Select Your Dowell

I used 1/2 inch dowell

Step 2: Cutting the Dowell

You can use a hacksaw or a hacksaw blade like I did ,(Redneck Style!!!!!)

Step 3: Cutting the Groove

use your hacksaw or blade like I did to cut a notch in your dowell

Step 4: Tie the Balloon

fill up your water balloon with water then wrap it around your dowell once then take the neck thing and stick it in the notch then pull it off of the dowell and throw



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    If it is stupid but it works, it is not stupid - Albert Einstein

    I don't write instructables to get featured. I write them to show the world how to do things.

    No offense, but this is a really simple instructable, yet it still gets featured. I am not singling you out, I am just trying to say that instructables' editors feature alot of simple easy things not, that used to recieve no recognition.

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    I think the season we are in has a lot to do with it. I think this is a fantastic idea, often the most simple ones are. Not all ideas will appeal to the masses, keep that in mind when you make an instructable, only if you want to be featured.

    I am not trying to insult the author, but the instructable is also not the best made. Blurry pictures and little instruction.

    You win, point made, move on.

    I once had to tie over 1000 balloons for a school fundraiser. My fingers were black and blue for several days afterwards. This would have been like a message from the gods at that point. I assume this would also work for normal air balloons?

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    they may pop if the contact the dowell.

    Basically the same thing as this but $14.50 cheaper

    Excellent idea! You must win all the balloon wars. DON'T SHARE THIS WITH YOUR FRIENDS IF YOU WANT TO WIN!!!!

    Do you ever have problems with the open end being forced out of the slot when you pull the dowel rod through? If so you could substitute a piece of 1/4" pvc and put the open end of the balloon in one side of the pipe so it wouldn't get pulled out by the rest of the balloon.

    That's a good invention!