Water Bomb


Introduction: Water Bomb

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This is a powerful bomb with a diameter of about two feet made from paper! (This will drip a little so I will let you know that I am not responsible for any water damages!)

Step 1: What You Will Need

all you need for this is a piece of paper and a pair of sissors

Step 2: Fold and Cut

fold the paper down and cut off the scrap paper like so and unfold the paper

Step 3: Fold

fold the other side the 2nd picture is hard to say on how to fold but fold the sides of the paper in. look at the next picture to help you then do it again with the other side and leave it when you fold it

Step 4: Fold

you should have this fold the right flap down then fold the other flap to the left there should be a hole and a bottom flap put the flap in the hole then you are done do it for the rest of the three sides

Step 5: Fill It Up

fill it up with water than throw it outside kinda like this
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    when i fill it up it just gets soggy. any suggestions?

    using this water bomb, did you know that you can make a mini jet engine? sorta jet engine thing?

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    simple, get your balloon, don't fill it with water, then get a lighter, hold down the button so as just the gas gets out, which goes up the hole in the balloon, and hold it for 3 seconds, put it on a table then light the lighter near it, if done right it shouldn't light on fire, and should then gly across the table, but not far =]

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    some of them are different but i did not see them before!!!!