Picture of Lantern made from Plastic Water Bottle
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This will show you how to make a garden lantern from a plastic bottle and a battery operated tea light.
It don't take to long to make and the cost if you don't facter in the cost of the water less then a buck.
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Step 1: Gather up all your equiptment?

Picture of Gather  up all your equiptment?
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Not to much needed in the way of tools.
first you need a sharp knife of some sort. I used a box cutter.
A pair of needle nose pliers.
You might need a small drill with a bit. I used a cordless because I can can control the speed better.
parts needed are:
a Bottle
a battery operated tea light. Picked them up at the local buck or two store for 2 for a buck.
a short piece of wire, use sold wire if you can find it, or string if you want.

Step 2: Preping the bottle

Picture of Preping the bottle
1st Rinse out the bottle ( If you had pop in it like mine did and it made a sticky mess.) and peel off the label.

Step 3: Cutting Flap part 1

Picture of Cutting Flap part 1
2nd cut a slit near the bottom of the bottle.
About 1 1/2 inches long. (I'm from the old school not to good at converting to metric.)
I choose to cut it in the smooth part. A lot less resistance there after all the knife is sharp.

Step 4: Cutting Flapp part 2

Picture of cutting Flapp part 2
3rd cut up on both sides of the line about 1 1/2 inches.
do not cut a cross the top. we are just making a flap here.
The reason for this is that unless you look closely it's almost invisible. If you cut it all out you have a hole, Not very attractive.

Step 5: Prepping the top

Picture of Prepping the top
This step is not necessary if you don't want to hang it.
Take of the top and drill a small hole in it to fit the wire through.

Step 6: Wire

Picture of wire
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Now take the wire and stick it in the hole
Form a very small loop at the end that goes in the bottle.
Form a bigger loop at the top.
if you use string feed both ends of the string through.
tie a big knot so it don't slip out.

Step 7: Last step for the top

Picture of last step for the top
Screw it back on the bottle.
Grand-Pa (author) 6 years ago
Done Thanks for the input.
Bottle pics 027.jpg
jeff-o6 years ago
Could you turn off the lights and take a photo of it lit indoors?