Water Bottle Rocket Launcher




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Introduction: Water Bottle Rocket Launcher

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 just wanted to share my version of an instructable. my prototype is shown here finger tight (pvc has not been glued). since these were taken, i extended the pipe to the bicycle pump, and a string to the launcher, to improve the safety of the current prototype. my son and his friends love it.



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    How did you get a seal between the bottle and the pvc?

    My merit badge instructor made one kind of like this, same desogn with the things that hold the rocket on the PVC and the bigger PVC that you pull down. It was pretty much the same and it worked awesome! Go PEPSI UNIVERSE!(my bottle rocket)

    hey, sorry it took so long to get back to you.. this is a project I made from an instructable that was already posted with measurements and step by steps

    its here https://www.instructables.com/id/water-rocket-launcher/

    ok i have to do this in a couple of days and i was wondering if you can tell me the measurements for all your pipes ASAP.
    Thanks :)