i will show you how to make an awesome rocket out of a regular water bottle and a can of air duster.

Step 1: The Bottle

this part is simple. all you have to do is cut the top off of a water bottle right above the label. stuff the part you just cut off into the cylinder(pic 2) then cut a hole in the bottom of the cylinder just big enough for the air tube thing to fit into.(pic 3)

Step 2: The Firing

all you have to do now is insert the tube and squeeze the trigger and BLAMMO!!!
hey guys i am a new member and i like this site !
What is the air thingy and what shops can you get it from? Please reply ASAP its URGENT!
its a aerosol duster and you can buy a two pack at walmart for about 8 bucks
Neat, I might give this a try.

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