this instructable show how to put water in a spray deodorant can .

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

EMPTY adjustable disposable lighter ( im not sure if this can be done with non adjustable lighters also)
EMPTY spray deodorant can
water ( not shown in picture)

Step 2: Disassemble the Lighter

after you assemble the lighter their should be a nozzle on the under side of the nozzle there should be a brass end cap, remove this. this may require pliers or it may not.

(check picture 2 for more details)

Step 3: Insert Here

insert the nozzle from the lighter in to the business end of the syringe

Step 4: Extraction

extract all of the contents of the spray can

to do this push down on the spray can and pull back the syringe
do this until the can creates a vacuum of sorts.
( no way to better explain it)

Step 5: Injection

inject water or whatever into the the can. do this until you feel there is enough contents in the spray can .
next, inject the spray can with air

do these two things the same way as step four but instead you will be injecting not extracting

Step 6: Have Fun

this can be done with many liquids (except diesel)feel free to color the water or use some other liquid like lighter fluid just be careful and have fun.
How did u take apart the piece in pic 3
What did the original lighter look like/what brand was it? <br> <br>Nice instructable too!
I want to say it was a scripto grill lighter.<br>Thanks! :D
oh...btw how many&nbsp;ml can your syringe hold?. thx
the syringe i used was 12cc&nbsp;&nbsp; im not sure how many ml that is <br /> Thanks for rating<br />
1 CC is the equivalent of 1 ml.
ok...i found out how to rate:)...5*!
how do i rate?....lol...great i'bles! simple but answers my unspoken question...hah........damn. i'bles is great!
a spray specifically used for soothing painful muscles and joints. ya sounds real fun :-P
Water?<br/>I've done this with <a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ralgex">Ralgex</a>, much more fun...<br/><br/>L<br/>

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