Introduction: Water Marble Nail Art Without Water

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I tried water marble nail art and failed.

I tried this trick and it worked.

So i am sharing it with you.

Step 1: You Need

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nail polishes



clear nail polish (optional)

Step 2: How To?

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Follow pictures, add thick layers of nail fluid.

and let it dry overnight

Step 3: How to Place

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Cut your strips to nail size.

apply nail polish.

while it's wet, place your nail strips.

pull off the extra strip from sides

use Q tip to clean the cuticles.

your nail is ready


ForTheLoveOfFood (author)2015-09-12

awsome! "ive tried water marble and failed"
havent we all,= D

I failed water marbling so many times until I found out this little tidbit... Use room temp water!!! I know mind blowing. Its true try it.

yeah! Life changing that,i dud thus, but ill improve

Im glad u tried

sunshiine (author)2015-10-24

This is such a clever idea. I thought of something to make using this method. I will post a pic when I make it. Thanks so much for sharing and have a great day~


colorfulkreations (author)2015-09-15

Very cool idea! I'll have to try that,I'm making a necklace out of the water&polish on glass,I'll have to figure out how to put the picture on here! But very original idea,I like it!!! You're very clever.

Maddieagrusti (author)2015-09-12

This is so cool

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