Introduction: Water Spout Thing

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you have to have this waterspout thing attached to your sink.

Step 1: Rubberband Time

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put the rubberband on tight so it holds the handle down

Step 2: Aim and Fire

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aim the nozzle thing towards the center of the sink so your victim will definately get hit with the water.


lemonie (author)2010-03-11

What does this do / how does it work?


who ever turns on the faucet for a drink of water or to do dishes the water sprays at them

Yes I got the idea before, I didn't understand these things needed the tap opening to work. That seems silly because you'd be running water out the tap at the same time?


when someone turns on the sink it sprays them

I thought the trigger on the head operated the spray, I didn't realise the tap/faucet had to be running also - that seems wrong(?)


Kanein Encanto (author)lemonie2010-03-15

Some do some don't, the one at my parent's house wouldn't spray unless the faucet was on, yet at my in-laws it didn't need to be on, just depress the lever and it sprayed.

Biopyro (author)2010-03-12

Here is an example of what this instructable should look like, with a proper title, pictures and annotations

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