Watermelon steaks are steak-shaped pieces of watermelon, often prepared by grilling. The steaks can also be cooked by pan frying, by baking, or by marination followed by roasting. Depending on the method used, cooking can take from a few minutes to over two hours.

Some who have tried it compare its texture to that of seared meat, while others claim it is unique in its taste and texture. It is called "watermelon steak" due to its appearance and texture. If the steak are baked, a raw fish like texture can result. When well cooked, most of the fruit's water evaporates. This concentrates flavor and texture, yet still leaves the steak tender and juicy, "kind of like a fillet steak" . Cook books sometimes suggest watermelon steak as a meat substitute for vegetarians.Some recipes involve serving the steaks uncooked; once the raw watermelon is cut into steak like slices, it can be garnished with various condiments or simply served together with salad. Watermelon steak was popularized by a Boston-area chef. Boston Phoenix writer Robert Nadeau

Step 1: Preparing the Green Sauce ( the Chervil, Mint and Pineapple One)


a hand full of mint and cervil leaves

one small piece of pineapple

3-4 table spoons of pineapple juice according to constancy of sauce.

put all ingredients in a coffee grinder and blend :D place it refrigerator to chill.

"Chervil looks like a paler and more finely shaped flat-leaf parsley with frillier, thinner looking leaves. Its taste is perhaps best described as a more delicate version of a cross between tarragon and parsley with just a teeny tiny back-note hint of a bite of anise or mint, without either of those flavors really coming through at all."

the above line is about chervil :) i guess each country gets there own version of chervil :) in Pakistan it is called something like *jafari* ( still not so sure) I was lucky in the case of chervil i guess because i specially asked my aunt to bring it :)

i would like to tell you my experience.

if we use ONLY chervil, the steak doesn't taste good, mint is definitely required. i felt a little tingle in my tongue of a flavour similar to anise seed. i might be wrong as chervil varies country to country but because someone commented that i might get disqualified lol i thought to give you my thoughts :D

chervil and pineapple tastes awesome :) so i added pineapple juice to it to blend it, along with mint for some freshing flavour.

<p>One of your lines about chervil is copied from About.com without being quoted. Maybe you should add some, you may get disqualified.</p>
<p>thank you for pointing it out :) yes it is from about.com as i as a little confused regarding the flavours i was getting. :) i added one more flavour one i earlier decided not to :D</p>
<p>This is definitely innovative! I might try it ... just might &ndash; who would have though of watermelon steak?</p>
<p>a perfect dish for summer =)</p>
<p>You've got me intrigued by this! I may have to try it sometime, simply out of curiosity. Thanks for sharing this!</p>
<p>trust me i made it out of courisity too :D</p>
<p>Would you make it ever again? (Was it good, or just kind of weird?)</p>
<p>yes again. coz it was refreshing. </p>

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