Waterproof Mp3 Player & Headphones


Introduction: Waterproof Mp3 Player & Headphones

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Altoids tin mp3 player inside a waterproof latex bag, in a neoprene bag, on a velro wrap, connected to earphones covered in a light silicone layer. phew.

Step 1: Headphones Cable Plug

Step 2: Waterproof the Headphones

Step 3: Latex Bag

Step 4: Assemble the Arm Band



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    How did you seal the ear phone? More to the point with what product?

    2 replies

    Be sure to check out the little yellow squares on some of the images, they contain addtional text. I used 'gasket silicone'. I chose this because its a more viscus type of silicone sealant allowing for a very light coating. It will come off with wear, thats fine because I just want to seal off the gaps where the cable enters the phones and the little vent holes around the cans. You could use anything really, window seal silicone... anything

    What brand of gasket silicone did you use? Because i have no idea what that is or where you get it. Could you post a link for where to get it in a small quantity?

    i know its ages since you made this instructuable but anyhoo... where did the valve come from? can this be opened and closed to take the mp3 player out? i want to try this with an aincient ipod mini i have kicking around for swimming training but i dont think the wheel will work through plastic. do you reckon this will work underwater? i could use multiple layers of plastic.

    great if you want to listen to music while taking a shower !!!!!

    Hey you could put more detailed Instructions

    I find your invention intrugeing but not much accual explinations on how I can do it myself as well, can you elaborate on how you did it?

    2 replies

    Actually, if you click 'view all steps on one page' and then hold your mouse over the yellow boxes on some of the images you will get more details.. need more? let me know

    hmmmm.. I seem to get this a lot. I'm not very good at doing write-ups, much prefer images. They are quicker and easier, I'm a very busy builder this time of year.. getting ready for the summer season (o; Also... I'd be very suprised if anyone had an inflatable kite strut, an altoid mp3 player, surf leash velcro wrap & existing neoprene bag that fitted the mp3 player perfectly. So why give very specific instructions to combine items no one else might have. So, this is really just presented at an idea level... hoping to give someone else some ideas. But if you have a specific question(s) let me know and I will answer them.