Introduction: Waterproof / Resistant Capsule

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see through version of waterproof capsule which I intend to use for fuse holder.

Step 1: Material

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2 bottles, a pipe that's close to the inner diameter of the bottle mouth, heat gun or soldering iron, and scissors.

Step 2: Cut Off Mouths

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cut out the size of container you want. make sure they are close to matching around cut.

Step 3: Seal

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melt or glue together, then test with water.


DAKworks (author)2015-12-05

Nice re-use of materials. This could be used to re-usably seal off pipes for storage as well. (Keep the pipe in place and seal both ends).

My go-to solution these days are cleaned and re-used prescription medication bottles. Great for headphones, batteries, screws, small parts, and usually water/air proof as well.

ShanL (author)DAKworks2016-05-31

Very true, I wish I had more medicine bottles laying around, I can make a circuit harness with them and seal off the cap with hot glue to protect the circuit inside, I had one Med bottle from my grandma and used it in such way so I can connect lipo packs in serious via my connectors, waterproofing them is important for boat or car applications. Let me know if you find some large and thick containers that's available in daily life, I have been waiting for a better container for another one of my projects. Thanks.

edub26 (author)2015-12-16

I wonder how well a 5 hour energy bottle would work for a similar purpose.

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-12-02

Clever life hack.

thank you.

the r (author)2015-12-05

couldn't you just use the bottle itself (not for fuses i guess, but for everything else). Also, if you want a simpler way to waterproof fuses, my go to is a ziploc snack size. :)

ShanL (author)the r2015-12-05

I drill each cap and feed cable through them, the fuse are for my battery bank.

MadeByGloria (author)2015-12-04

Please forgive my stupidity, but if this this "capsule" is simply for storing things, could you not simply put them in a travel-size bottle of some sort and seal the lid? Or am I missing the point?

DAKworks (author)MadeByGloria2015-12-05

I think the method is interesting, whether or not this particular object is of use to you. You can use it to put a re-usable screw top on anything you can get the plastic to bond to.

Street-Wise Irish (author)2015-12-03

This is cool, great idea !

stalker145 (author)2015-12-03

This is one of my most often created objects. I have no idea how many of these I have laying around as pill holders, geocaches, or screw holders. Thanks for showing another method

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