this is a rough out line for a western style mohair cinch, the pictures are of my first cinch that I was testing tecneques on.
this is what I came up with from my reserch. It is by no means perfict but my hope is to clarify some things for you.

2 Stainless steel, or brass buckles
70' of 8 ply mohair cording. (for a 19 strand cinch)
 2 ply mohair cord (langth depends on decoration)
A flat serface
patence, and time

Step 1: Starting

first attach your 8 ply mohair cording to a stainless steel or brass buckle by thereading your cord though the first buckle (without knotting it), as you thead it through the second measure the distance between them making sure you keep the same distance each time you go back and forth. if you have a double bar follow the picture diagram for lacing it though both bars securely.
<p>You are warping the buckle backwards and on the wrong buckle bar. Sorry.</p>

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