Picture of what camera mount is the best
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Step 1: Other recording devices that were used

Picture of other recording devices that were used
This mount would of been a lot better if it didn't swivel so much and was easier to use. Every mount except the dolly for obvious reasons was used with and without a wheelchair.

Step 2: In Conclusion

Picture of In Conclusion
The dolly cam is the best kind of mount to use if you don't need to go down or up levels because it is the smoothest but it can't be moved without shaking quite a lot. otherwise you should use a weighted camera mount like the one shown as it is the least shakiest of the 3 other camera mounts and was the easiest to use.

It would probably help to explain in your text that the video is a tracking shot that you're testing camera mounts for. I had a hard time understanding what was going on until I clicked on the video.
Otherwise, cool 'ible! Are you learning about videography?