What is dry land fish(morels)

Step 3: When to start looking for morels and when to pick them

Picture of when to start looking for morels and when to pick them
The best time to start looking for morels is from April 15th to may 15th

This year i started a little early and i found 5 but they don't have that light brown look(i don't know about black morels never seen them)and last year i tried them before they turned their light brown color they didn't taste good so wait until they look like the picture below. Also don't pick them late when they are real big because they become tough and don't taste as good.
when you do find one WAIT!!!! don't pick them right away, stop and think is it the right color (if not come back another day and see if they are the right color.) are they to small, if so wait a few days and check again (the best time to pick a morel is when they are about 3 to 4 inches tall.).
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