Step 5: How to identify a real morel from a false morel

When hunting for morels watch out for false morels. false morels are morels that can be mistakend for true morels and are responsible for about 20 percent of mushroom related deaths.

there are three distinct features of a real morel:

1st:Cut lengthwise it will be hollow from bottom of stem to top of cap.  It'll look like a rubber mold.

2nd:Bottom of the cap is attached to the stem
Cap and stalk all one piece

3rd:Cap is full of Ridges and Pits

notice in picture 1 the Bottom of the cap is not attached to the stem

in picture 2 and 3 it doesn't even look like a morel

in picture 4 the morel on the left is a real morel  and notice how the morel on the right isn't hollow it's a false morel

in picture 5 the cap looks more like a brain it has wavy lines. a real morel has ridges and pits like in picture 7.
could you provide some pictures of false morels compared to true morels? A picture is worth a thousand words.