What to Do at the Rocky Horror Picture Show!





Introduction: What to Do at the Rocky Horror Picture Show!

WARNING: The Rocky Horror Picture Show is not recommended for the easily offended. this show deals with MATURE subject matters in an IMMATURE way. If sex, drugs, rock & roll, adultery, cannibalism, incest, cross-dressing, aliens, bisexual water sports, homosexual eye movements, and above all, SHOW TUNES are not your cup of tea, this may not the the show for you. so read if you want but don't watch the movie if you are offended.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show was a movie made in 1975 staring Tim Curry as cross dressing alien. The movie is not that great but what people have turned it into is an experience you will never forget.


If you have seen this movie in the theater at least 50 times and you can say every line in the move by heart, you are a Veteran.
If you have seen this movie at least once in the theater you are on your way to becoming a Veteran.
If you have never seen this movie in a theater before, we have one name for you, and what do we call them?
Thats right, VIRGINS!!!
And what do you do with Virgins? No, no, you can't rape them. Thats right, SACRIFICE THEM!!!

Initially before you even go in the theater you would have a giant "V" some were on you were everyone can see it along with your age. before the show starts the cast or the host would call all of the VIRGINS up to the front and display them in front of the audience. you then say some stupid chant and you go sit back down.

No big deal, but funny as hell to the people in the audience.

Step 2: THE MOVIE... "Itself?".... ITSELF!

Welcome to the movie itself. This part is pretty straight forward, you sit down and watch a nice movie in the silence of the theater..... NO!! this is an audience participation movie. There will be times in this movie when you can dance, times when you can use fowl f#$%ing language. just remember, audience participation is allot like sex, if you don't participate, you can't cum.

Make all the smart ass remarks you can, it's not that great of a movie anyway. it's there for your enjoyment and mockery. So have fun with it. and maybe the VIRGINS will learn something from it.

Step 3: PROPS!

Or, flaming bags of crap, were i come from.
Basically, since this is an audience participation movie, you have to do things too.

things to bring:
-rice, for the wedding scene
-water pistols, when it rains
-glow sticks, for the "Over At The Frankenstein Place" song
-toast, when they propose a toast
-party favors, you can be one of the Transylvanians
-Toilet Paper, when they unwrap Rocky
-Bell, the begging of the movie
-Condom, when Janet's having sex with everyone
-Newspaper, again for the "Over At The Frankenstein Place" song
-Party Hat, be a Transylvanian
-Latex Gloves, for when Fran-N-Furter is in the lab
-Playing Cards, for the last song


This is the part were you get off your ass, avert your eyes from the screen, get into the isles and dance.
But there's only one dance you do at Rocky Horror, and that's...."say it, say it!" THE TIME WARP!!!
It's the simplest dance ever, you can listen to me or follow it while watching the movie.


Step 5: And Thats It

So go along with the jokes, make up your own (because they're always funny), just have fun.
Just remember, Brad is the Ass hole, and Janet is the Slut.
Well, you're all prepared, every last VIRGIN reading this.

(Already veterans, feel free to help me out here if i missed anything important.)



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    i love this movie but u cant really go to theater and do stuff like they used to and i dont think they show it anywere do they? unless u own it or rent it (i own it lol) i also heard once it was on broadway... wonder how it was

    5 replies

    There has been a regular midnight showing for 20 years here in Seattle and less often in Spokane. And yes, you CAN do all the fun parts.

    My husband & I are going to the princess theater, here in decatur al., to see the show on Halloween night...he's Def a virgin but I have have seen the movie atleast 200 times. I have it recorded now, on my dvr...come join us everybody!!!

    i just saw the BBC special of 40th anniversary of rhps-it was phenomenal! i had never seen live theater version! Richard O'brien is one of the moderators! it's different from the movie d/t live stage but well worth a watch

    In St. Louis, MO we have a really neat old movie theater called the Tivoli and they do a full interactive cast and audience production along with the movie playing in the background. They have actors playing out the entire movie at the front of the theater and people walking around yelling out things at the screen. They sell prop bags or let you bring in your own. While you are waiting in line the actor playing Dr. Frank-n-Furter comes out looking for virgins so he/she can mark them with cherry red lipstick. It is quite a production. Most of the time you can not actually hear the movie. It is GREAT!!!

    yeah, there are plenty of places you can go. for me i travel about 45 minutes to see it but they're out there. look it up on google, you can find many locations in many states or countrys.

    I've always wanted to see this in theater but I need help finding one close to me I live in Huntington,In. Some one please help. Needing a fix!

    1 reply

    Botanical Conservatory in Fort Wayne plays it every year for Fright Night

    I haven't seen it in a theater, but i used to watch it all the time and some people think it's weird because i'm only 17, but my mom let me watch it when i was like five.

    Rocky horror picture show is an awesome movie!!

    you can find a liist of callbacks (things to shout at the screen) here http://www.badmovies.org/movies/rockyhorror/audience/index.html

    you forgot toilet paper for Dr . Scot and one sad note the theater that dos it here in fortcollins has ban water guns

    In case you're curious, the Riff in the picture is Andy Doyle, leader of Fishnet Inc. Located in the Naro, in Norfolk, Virginia.

    Last night I saw a live performance with Richard O'Brien starring as the Criminologist in a really old theatre, complete with a gallery, etc.

    Watching rice being thrown in large amounts off the gallery was really quite something :D

    at our rocky show they usually say what do we do with virgins? thats right f@#k them....congratulations your no longer virgins

    You go equipped - rice to throw at the wedding scene, toast to throw when they shout a toast, and water pistols for general mayhem.

    2 replies

    haha, i go all the time, almost every Saturday. Next time you're in the US, stop by Arizona, and visit the Chandler Cinemas, they put on a real good show. i completely forgot about the props, i'm going to have to fix that thanks

    thats the one i go to. come as you are!

    I saw the RHPS a gazillion times and never saw it in the theater. I went last Friday with a couple of my friends knowing about the Virgins and all that, and nothing happened! We just watched the movie with audience partici-(say it!)pation, and then left. It was actually sort of sad, but watching the movie was still fun.

    1 reply

    that sucks, was there no pre show at all.