Step 1: Fly

go to googl earth and click tools, then enter flight simulater. if you strugle see my instructable.

Step 2: Desiegn

make model of things in google sketchup: sketchup.google.com

Step 3: Stack

learn to stack dice or stack cups

Step 4: Observe

look at things aimlessly

Step 5: Build

make amazing things with pennies

Step 6: Build

make dominoes. youl be amazed what they can make

Step 7: Play

I wonder what you can do with big sticks...

Step 8: Play

have fun with motion sensors.

Step 9: Watch

nothing beats t.v
man thats cool hey what kind of camera did you use to video tape that
Cannon<br />
why 1434 pennies?
that was how many i had at the time
and wat about nao?
like 2868
Nice!!! Lol
Man you ARE bored!!! You forgot: Step 10: Write a totally pointless instructable :)
step 11: read a totally pointless instructable ha
step 12: comment on a totally pointless instructable
step 13: favorite a totally point less instructable
step 14: enter the pointless instructable into a contest. yeah, i know. i already put it at the top. put it doesnt make sence unless its down HERE!
yes. you'd be supprised how much free ime i have
I could tell... I get bored sometimes too.. im 13, and my mom and dad work. I have to baby sit my younger siblings with the other two triplets. thats right, im a triplet. and NO, IM NOT LIENG
i know. i'm stuck with my sister. she peeks at the computer all the time saying: What are you doing? it is so frustrating
yeah. she plays this my littlest pet shop vip game. its completly making this comptuer crap. sometimes, while using movie maker, my computer will freze. so, i start ALL OVER AGAIN! that also happend while making an instructable. do you invent stuff? i do. my mom says i will grow up to be a millionair. i hope she speaks the truth!
not nice...
step 14: try to think of a witty step 14 and failing
thanks! just trying to keep it going!
how about: STEP 14: enter the pointless instructable into a contest.
....make a pointless instructable about the volume of a sphere....
Do your homework!

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