Picture of what to do with worn out coveralls
I have a pair of worn out coveralls ( and maybe a little small now after the xmas season). After spending almost 100 bucks on them i did not want to throw them away.
Inspiration hit me at 5am while I was feeding my infant son on the sofa in the dark.....
A man apron for working in the shop!!!

Step 1: Supplies and stuff

Picture of supplies and stuff
Tools and supplies:
old coveralls
needle and thread or sewing machine
ironing board
time.....of course
cbdave1 year ago

Good Idea.

Here's a tip whenever I needed to patch a rip or hole in my overalls instead of sewing I use Speed Sew, a fabric adhesive. It holds up quite well to ware and tear and washing


mole11 year ago

I've been adding back sections to denim aprons for my husband who works around sharp metal tables/wire/ etc. This would be SO much simpler! Thanks!

bmckim1 year ago
Well done! Very clear instructions. I'm so going to try this.