This is a simple Instructable stating the bare minimum amount of kit to take when backpacking and travelling light. Please note this is my first Instructable so any constructive criticism is welcome! Furthermore, the images may only be a representation of my actual kit list as some of my kit list currently has a few holes in it... however, despite this fact, I will still go into as much detail as possible!

Step 1: Sections

While travelling light, the gear you can take is very often split up into the four main sections:
-sleeping and accommodation
-cooking and eating
-personal survival
-clothing and miscellaneous

we shall start off with sleeping and accommodation: 
A lot of people when backpacking or travelling light still want to stick with the camping classic, the tent! However, although tents work, the can be very heavy and cumbersome; such as the one pictured... there are other, more efficient methods. My personal favourite is the hammock and tarp method which comes out much lighter as, not only is the actual shelter lighter, an insulation mat is very often un-necessary as can too be pictured below. Unfortunately, i do not currently posses a tarp as there were some  unexpected circumstances causing my tarp to be located upon the fire. Aswell as actual accommodation, while backpacking you need a sleeping bag that packs relatively small, of which mine does reasonably well. The sleeping bag in question, if you are curious, is the vango NITESTAR  350 which is on the DofE approved kit list. However, despite me owning a reasonably decent sleeping bag, I do in future wish to purchase a RAB down sleeping bag which can pack down to the size of a rock climber's climbing boot. 

(the tent pictured weighs a few kilograms yet my lightweight alternative weighs little over a kilogram including pegs.)
Hi! Nice post, would you please rotate your images so that they are the correct orientation? Pixlr.com has a great tool to do this, and it is free :)
Hi audreyobscura! I tried to do this when I uploaded and after your comment but for some reason It won't re-upload so I apologise! You could try "Ctrl+Alt+*arrow-key*) to rotate your screen. haha Sorry for the inconvenience... :)

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