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Introduction: Whisky Bottle Couch Cache

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How do you avoid that your friends use your best single malt whisky TO MIX IT WITH COLA?!

No more inviting them? They'll jump in without invitation...
Shooting them? They're quite resistant. And they'll shoot back...
Banning the cola from your house? They'll bring it with them...

'Why not just hiding the bottle?' I thought.

Last year we got a couch from a couple of friends. Since it had been used for years as scratching pole for their uneducated cats my wife didn't mind that I intended to customise it to meet my alcoholic needs & prevent another pillage from our even more uneducated friends...

All you need for this project is a couch with large armrests & some demolition gear.

Step 1: Demolition

Depending on the type of couch you have you'll have to find out the best way to get a hole in the armrest.
After removing a part of the canvas cover I found out that our seat was made of chipboard & cardboard - high ikea standards.
I used a clock drill to make a hole in the front & a few chisels to cut away one of the vertical sections inside the armrest.
No rules.

Step 2: Tubing

When you remove a part from the interior you'll weaken the structure.
So, seat needs reinforcement!
Look out for a piece of pvc tube of whatever tube that can contain your bottle and can be slided in the armrest.
Some glue, some foam, some patience and almost done is that cache.

Step 3: Finishing

Use some textile & medical tape to restore the zone you've savagely destroyed and finish that hole.

Slide your favorite bottle in the cache & reset the cover (the light was just for fun).

Next time your friends will search everywhere again, not knowing that the treasure is just under their nose...

I hope my friends will never read this I'ble...



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    20 Discussions

    Brilliant Stash Space!!

    Love this! Now I can hide 'my' good booze and share the cheaper stuff. Great idea for stashing just about anything. Thanks!! Fave and vote.

    3 replies

    Thanks! LOL She's really not that nice...at all, but I'm sure she'd be helpful in making the hole in the couch. She's also an excellent cord chewer.

    Brilliant! I've tried everything to keep my good stash away from inebriated "friends". (Why do they look through my dirty laundry, in the locked chest in the outdoor privy no one uses except for in the event of cholera?!?)

    1 reply

    Another way is boobytrapping the bottles. Take some empty bootles, fill half with ice tea, cork them, seal and inject some kind of gaz. Choose between bad smell and high toxicity. I'm sure this will help...

    I wouldn't worry about your friends reading this I'ble. If they are barbaric enough to mix good single malt with ANYTHING, even ice (I'm looking at you yanks), then they are not likely to be well read or even be literate for that matter.

    Your stealth couch is brilliant, you have my vote

    1 reply

    It's one of the great mysteries of friendship. Friends don't have to be intelligent or good looking, they just have to be there.

    Thanx for voting!

    Buy a bottle of decent, but inexpensive rum, bourbon, or vodka for highball drinkers. Put up a small notice that anyone mixing the good stuff with sugar water will be required to buy a new bottle of the same as penalty for desecrating good malt. Or get a bottle of blended crappola McGregor's or some such malt flavored vodka. And yes, Do hide the good stuff when the sasernach come by.

    1 reply

    That's what I did, high volume blended whisky for the pack and highly peated gold for the boss. Those crimes will never more happen.

    Someone who has friends who mix whisky and cola does not deserve to possess and drink good whisky… Therefore the invention ins useless but brilliantly done !!!…

    Happy New Year !…

    The question is: how one can have friends that mix cola with good beverage (says the woman that doesn't like cola and whisky)? The idea is brilliant and the instructable makes me laugh! I might regret to don't have the seat and the friends necessary to make the cache.

    1 reply

    Let's say that they are Real Friends, with the right values & their bad sides ;)
    You know, many people say 'they don't like whisky' or 'they don't like beer'. Don't generalize too fast, I'm pretty sure there are brands you'll like!
    Thanx for your support & nice comment!

    Absolutely brilliant...glad you were able to resist the urge to shoot...single malt abuse is legal grounds in some jurisdictions!
    Handy idea for a variety of treasures...like a remote control

    1 reply

    Heee, clever. A handy hiding place for any sort of valuable...but most ideally-sized for the purpose you came up with. :)

    1 reply