a loud whistle sound that sounds cool and can make a high or low note.

Step 1: Hand placement

Picture of hand placement
place your hand on your other hand at a 90 digree angle.
Almost everyone i know can do this! and i never could! thanks a lot! i thought i could never go it.
bob frank6 years ago
thank you i can finnaly whistle like that
vietpanda6 years ago
Wow it actually works cool
Bridel5687 years ago
if you move your right hand away then back fast is makes a even cooler sound
Ragamuffin7 years ago
Haha, how cool! Never thought you could make a sound like that with just your hands and mouth! Sounds kinodof like an owl or something _
snaz7 years ago
This is so cool! Took me about 30 seconds of trying, and I'm already gettin the hang of it! Thanx for this.
Domindude37 years ago
A video would help, or maybe bigger pics.
Browncoat8 years ago
Still can't do it. Maybe more pics of the hands from other angles might be helpful?
why is this a collaboration?
HauAs8 years ago
This method you can make owl or pigeon sounds like :)
yogi1838 years ago
HAHA i've never been able to do this! haven't tried in about 10 years, BUT i now can i feel so relieved thank you!