Whistle With Your Hands





Introduction: Whistle With Your Hands

a loud whistle sound that sounds cool and can make a high or low note.

Step 1: Hand Placement

place your hand on your other hand at a 90 digree angle.

Step 2: Cup Your Hands

put your hands in a cup position.make sure it is air tight.

Step 3: Whistling

make a thin opening with your thumbs and blow in the upper half of the opening with your botton lip at a 45 digree angle.



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    srsly? omg it's EASY!!!!

    You'll get it eventually make sure that your hand placement is right

    We're these photos taken with a potato

    I CANT DO IT STILL....... i'm crying inside. But good job!

    I CANT DO IT STILL....... i'm crying inside. But good job!

    Almost everyone i know can do this! and i never could! thanks a lot! i thought i could never go it.

    thank you i can finnaly whistle like that

    Wow it actually works cool

    if you move your right hand away then back fast is makes a even cooler sound

    Haha, how cool! Never thought you could make a sound like that with just your hands and mouth! Sounds kinodof like an owl or something _


    This is so cool! Took me about 30 seconds of trying, and I'm already gettin the hang of it! Thanx for this.

    A video would help, or maybe bigger pics.

    Still can't do it. Maybe more pics of the hands from other angles might be helpful?

    This method you can make owl or pigeon sounds like :)

    HAHA i've never been able to do this! haven't tried in about 10 years, BUT i now can i feel so relieved thank you!