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Introduction: Whiteboard Notebook

In order to practice for engineering interviews, I bought myself a small whiteboard for my apartment. As I got more comfortable using it, I've come to find it indispensable. Now, I prefer it to pencil and paper as writing and erasing the old fashioned way seems too laborious. I like the effortless flow and removal of dry erase ink even better.

So, to support this new affection, I took to carrying a small whiteboard around with me in my backpack. But even though it is small, it takes up a significant chunk of space in there. What I really wanted was some sort of 'whiteboard notebook' with whiteboard pages. Maybe it exists out there, but I decided to try and make one in the spirit of instructables.

I tried some approaches which failed. First I went looking for some vinyl fabric thinking that that glossy white patent leather plastic stuff would be the perfect whiteboard surface. Not finding any at the fabric store, I tried a cheap $2 shower curtain liner from Target. To my dismay, the whiteboard ink would not erase from it! I guess it has a very fine texture which was enough to grab and hold the ink. Then I tried ironing some clear vinyl which had the desirable whiteboard-like surface effect over the white vinyl. The two vinyl sheets stuck together well enough, but after ironing, the clear vinyl no longer had the whiteboard property and I couldn't erase the ink off it!

I tried another approach of recycling the hard flat plastic shell that came with some packaging. I cut it into squares as evenly as I could, poked holes with a hole punch in that and separated the plastic pages by sheets of plain white paper. I joined the holes together with links removed from a chain. It worked, but turning the pages was awkward and the holes kept breaking free.

Then I had a duh moment and realized I was trying too hard. There is a much simpler answer and here it is. As it happens, some other great minds here have had similar ideas. https://www.instructables.com/id/Low_Cost_Lettersize_Office_Whiteboard/. And this one: https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Homemade-Whiteboard-on-the-cheap!/. And here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Recycled-Mini-Dry-Erase-Board/

I guess I've taken it a little farther and made it into a notebook.

Now all we need is someone to invent a DIY dry erase marker ink in a refillable pen. I wonder how that could be accomplished?

Hope you find this idea useful.

Step 1: Parts

Transparancies (the write-on type for overhead projection)
Notebook cover
binder rings
hole punch
plain white paper (not pictured)

assembly is pretty easy. Just punch the holes in the transparencies and the white paper, then alternate transparency with sheet of paper. that's it!

Note that one side of the transparencies is slicker than the other and easily erased, while the other side isn't. So, before assembling, make note of which side is the good one and face that side up.

Also, it's kind of hard to separate the pages with your fingers, so it helps to add a post it tab to each page to help turn and access the pages.

Step 2: Caveats

Be careful how you erase the ink. I used my sleeve and it made fine scratches in the transparency so that the ink could not be removed! So, just use a kleenex or something soft like that.



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    or you could use those little sleeves that already have the holes, or you could laminate the paper.the first thing you could also put printed paper in, like logic puzzles!

    Hey I've made something similar: theinfinitybinder.com


    That's really nice. I saw something also similar at Barnes and Noble recently. I like to imagine that I was an influence! =)

    Refillable markers are available, these are terrific.

    those are cool

    Just to say I've laminated a few pages and yes they can be used as whiteboards. They don't clean as easily as whiteboards and after a while there is some residue build up. So far I've been lazy and laminated a few other pages than actually try and clean up the dirty ones. There probably is a cleaning product but so far I've not found one in a small compact "carry with you" size.

    You can probably buy a travel size pump hair spray at Walmart or a dollar store and after you finish the product you have a small spray bottle to carry some glass cleaner or white board cleaner in.

    My regular whiteboard has a buildup from all the messages, and I read that regular rubbing alcohol will cut thru the buildup. It worked!

    Generally, if you draw over the "permanent" marks with a dry erase pen and quickly wipe it away, the marks will disappear. This works with permanent pens, too.