Chevy Knex Showcar




Introduction: Chevy Knex Showcar

knex chevrolet monte carlo show car. It's kind of a ute conversion. It's got split trunk, hood , engine, interior, doors, suspension etc. etc.

i posted an instructable here is the link



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cool show car!!!!!! but do you have instructions for the picture of the amesome looking truck

Nice, but I would try not to add biased descriptions into titles, (like 'wicked') as this could make you look like a 'noob'.

The only thing that makes someone look like a noob here is a bad knex project, and this car is sweet.

True, but what I said still stands.

I dont see how biased descriptions affect your knex skill anyways. but w/e.

Biased descriptions don't affect your skill, they affect how others feel about you.

i have built the the show car (luckely i could remember how to build it) i will post instructions . i might have them done tomorow (tuesday) but probably not til wednesday. i will also post an instructale for mods and optional xtras