Step 3: Attach the Jelly Lens to the front plate of the ATC2K

Picture of attach the Jelly Lens to the front plate of the ATC2K
Now we attach the lens to the front plate. I did it like this :
- remove the Jelly from the lens, it detaches easily. what is left on that side of the
lens is a plastic rim about the thickness of the frontal plate. perfect !
- take a washer with an inner diameter close to (but smaller than) the size of
the rim and draw or scribe that circle. The washer enables you to center the circle nicely.
- on the front plate, file out the square window until your hole is about round and of the
drawn/scribed diameter. This should be smaller that the rim on the lens.
- Now carefully sand the hole wider (I used a pen so the sand paper would sand
a reasonably round hole) until it thightly fits that rim on the jelly(-less) lens
- after a fit is reached, be sure to remove burrs and crumbs of plastic from the
underside of the frontal plate.
- clip and file off the extending bit of the lens floor plate.

For good measure, I glued the outside of the lens where you can see it is made out of two parts.
it is important that no water enters the lens.