Introduction: Wierd Knex Vehicle With Steering

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its a knex vehichle with steering.

Step 1: Main Body

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Step 2: Steering

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Step 3: Seat

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Step 4: Assembly

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these pictures are not in order sorry


Shadowpom (author)2010-03-02

I am currently working on a vehicle with 3 motors on it (i have the crappy old blue motors) it doesn't go fast which is what i want to fix but it has alot of power enough to push my boot (size 13) across a room without stopping or slowing down it can also flip and still go i want to add weapons which is what i am going to work on today i will post a pic later when 1. i am done with it 2. i need help 3. i just get bored and build something else.

ps. if you have any tips on what i should do to it (before or after pic) i will try to do them.

Bartboy (author)2009-02-21

This is the sort of thing I like, function over fashion.

smattman22 (author)Bartboy2009-10-10


james4 (author)2009-09-27


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