Picture of wii 91 pin strike
I will show you how to make a 91 pin strike in wii owling training-power throws.

Step 1: The materials

Picture of the materials
you need to have a wii, wii sports....and a tv. Thats all.
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you have to hit a red dot in the corner
that is cool, that must use serious skillz.
It's easy with some practice.
ibayibay16 years ago
look at the pattern the pins are in
Woah I never noticed that :P
jgeekw Vynash4 years ago
I dont get it? what are we looking at/for?
The pins fall outward from the center. As if a wave came from there.
skyfaller4 years ago
I got it after 4 tries... I couldn't do it after either
 Your a wii god
jgmaciasf6 years ago
cool, does this work with any quantity of pins?
floryzzz5 years ago
 Knowed alreadu but stille cool
i got like 3OO once. 91 isnt all that epic.
GlueyMcGee (author)  penguin.waddle145 years ago
 it stops at 91
 my friend did this weird glitch for the game to put up 3OO pins. i dont remember how though. it was a while ago. a 91 pin strike is awesome tho. sorry. i was in a bad mood yesterday. good instructable.
GlueyMcGee (author)  penguin.waddle145 years ago
its fine. I was just wondering how it was possible for 300. Thanks for your reply!
 welcome. if i ever figure out the glitch i'll write an instructable
knexhero5 years ago
I call it the diablo smash because if you look at the fallen pins it looks like a devils head
no only on the last one
how the heck did u figure that out?
GlueyMcGee (author)  Keira_Yagami6 years ago
I was messing around :p
demonbabi136 years ago
wtf thats nuts
toasty876 years ago
WAIT..... don't I need A Wiimote too...........?
jaxxster16 years ago
how did you find that out? and yes i do have red steel for wii
GlueyMcGee (author)  jaxxster16 years ago
by chance :p
Pbyrd7 years ago
Does anyone here have Red Steel for the Wii?
snownight Pbyrd7 years ago
is it fun?
Pbyrd snownight7 years ago
yah it is pretty fun
snownight Pbyrd7 years ago
i have enough money for it. should i buy it?
NO! If you want an fps for Wii, get Metroid Prime. Its' waaaaaay better than RedSteel controls and mechanics-wise, its really easy to aim, and there's no last minute slapped on sword fights.
It gets boring after a while though
i had a hard time controlling my crosshair on redsteel but im sorta shakey
i do.
matrix828 Pbyrd7 years ago
yh my bro does
taytaylor6 years ago
absolutely briliant thanks a lot
Ballplaya677 years ago
it doesnt work on any level of power throws. It only works on the last one like he showed us.
because the red dot on each side the walls only let you hit it on that one
matrix8287 years ago
i'm speechless
that was...AWESOME!
Mintyhippo7 years ago
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