Picture of wind powered generator
To begin with , i always liked to see windmills and stuff that works with the wind and so i tried to make something on my own . In the begining I just made a small wind turbine with no other purpose but to spin freely . Then I thought why not making something that can use the wind energy and convert it to electricity , so I ended up making a wind powered generator .... 

After some research on the internet i found a lot of ideas to start and since it was summer i had plenty of time to spend on it . 

Step 1: The tools and the pieces your are going to need

THE TOOLS  : well basicly you are going to need a lot of tools and propably as you go on will find out that they are not enough . 

- a saw 
- a mechanical saw 
- a drill 
- various drill bits
- a fretsaw
- sand paper 
- a file 
. . . 

THE PIECES: you can change most of them to suit your needs (not paintjob or inner frame material here)

- a pvc pipe   (10 atmospheres will work best ) the diameter of the pipe depends on the      diameter of the rotor and blades and also the number of the blades . 

- a smaller pipe for the tail that make the wind generator face the wind 
- fitings to reduce the the diameter of the main pipe to the tail pipe 
- plexiglass for the tail 
- a circullar disk from a durable material for the rotor 
- screws and bolts 
- metal and elastic washers 
- a very durable screw for the base yaw mechanism 
- a small metal wheel with a punched bearing inside 

>These are the basic tools and materials and tools you are going to need ( and lots of patience... )

DaniH109 months ago

where did you get the generator from and about how much did you spend?

watto6992 years ago
Hi Jim, nice job on your windmill mate! Just wondering where you got the generator motor from? Is it a 115 VDC motor?
Thanks for your time mate.
schildpad2 years ago

I really liked your idea to build my own wind generator. I had a question though: did you connect the generator to the electricity-net in your home? And how did you do it?

Thankx in advance,
crazy_jim (author) 4 years ago
thanks ! appreciated :)
hey hi, good man i really like your way to developed project