This is a wind sensor with conductive thread, conductive fabric and metal ball.

Step 1: Material

- Conductive thread
I bought it from Lame Lifesaver, but you can use also www.sparkfun.com.
You can compare the information here. (www.fashioningtech.com/profiles/blogs/conductive-thread-overview)
- Conductive Fabric
Shieldit super (http://www.lessemf.com/fabric.html)
- Metal ball: I got it from some old toys. I think small magnet also works from radioshack (I didn't try) or any small conductive material would work.

Step 2:

draw it on hardboard and cut it out. Three plains will attach together with conductive fabric. You can use iron to attach conductive fabric.

Step 3:

I used velcro to open and close the box.

Step 4:

Use conductive thread and each thread to each conductive fabric.

Step 5:

you are done! I hook up with simple circuit. I record a message and play when it winds outside and when they feel lonely! It will be good for your outside Christmas tree too!!

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