Windows XP and Vista Four Desktop Modification


Introduction: Windows XP and Vista Four Desktop Modification

I was looking around on the internet, and i came across this. looking around on instructables, i didnt see it so i thought i'd share it.


this cool gadget lets you change your whole desktop & windows with two or more key-strokes in a matter of seconds.

download link:

Step 1: Get the Program

go to: and download the file
save it to your desktop
open the file using winrar (
extract all to a file on the desktop
when it is done extracting, you should see an icon like the one in the picture
double click on it, and a grey box should appear
click on the far right tab, and if it isnt already, change it to English
then click on the far left tab, and check / uncheck the buttons you want to press inorder to change to another desktop

Step 2: Change the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Background

now close the grey box, and find a .bmp picture that you would like to use as a background for one of the four desktops

this step is the same for all four desktops, and i will show you once

1) copy the .bmp picture
2) go to the yod3d file and paste the picture inside
3) there are a few picture files already inside the yod3d file delete the one named desktopwallpaper1
4) go back to the picture you just pasted into the file, and press rename call it "desktop wallpaper1"
5) to change the others (desktopwallpaper2 and 3) repeat the steps 1-4 renaming it for the respective file you deleted

once you are done changing your desktop backgrounds, double click on the yodm3d icon again, and wait for the grey box to pop up.
when it opens up, press "OK" to load the desktop bg's to yodm3d

now just press your hotkey (mine is ctrl+shift) and the right arrow key to change to the next screen!

amaze your friends with this cool trick and browse confidentially!



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    Nothing wrong with giving the same functionality to XP/Vista users as well. I love Beryl, but I have to boot XP pretty often, and this lets me keep my XP and Linux set-ups as similar as possible in terms of interface. Unfortunately, it looks like the download link is broken.

    There is a working download link on this forum thread:<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href=""></a><br/>

    gosh thats good could i do it with windows 7 profsenal on my other laptop

    you should try shock 4way 3d. it has more effects than yod'm and it is free. i hate how linux has all these cool effects for free but if you wanna customize windows you have to pay an arm and a leg for it.

    but these is trial version. how get full version?

    Take a look at shock 4way 3D. You get the same features plus a windows vista areo efect, a grid efect, and a wavy cube efect all for free. To find it, just google Shock 4way 3D Have fun

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    stupid question (probably) can you use shock 4way and yodm at the same time? (different quick keys)

    No, it is a good question. I am sure you can ( if that is what you want to do). You would just have to make sure it did not use too much of your system memory and you would also have to make sure you had a seperate hotkey for both