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Introduction: Windows Pinball Cheat

ever wanted to get billions of points in ms pinball? its easy! so easy i dont need any steps to tell you how. after you open pinball, DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING. this will not work if youve already started playing. then type in "hidden test" and press enter. if you hold down left click, the cursor should disappear. if it does, you just move the mouse to move the ball. next page has an easy way to get your score up in the sky in no time. (i already told you how to control the ball, didnt i?)

Step 1: Cheats and Easy Points

easy points: hit all three yellow squares by the red arrow(sry, its kinda hard to see but its above the 3 bumpers up top) 4 times so you have a 10x multiplier. then, hold the ball up where the red circle is(top of chute with the red flames coming out) so you get tons of points.

cheats: type whats in the quotes.
1 extra ball: type "1max"
unlimited extra balls:"bmax"
activate gravity well(ball is drawn to dot in the middle of the circle in the lower half of the screen): "gmax"
promote rank(i dont know what the rank is for so dont ask): "rmax"
get 1,000,000 points":press shift and h



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    so, what do you mean by "the cursor dissapears" what are you calling the cursor?

    the only problem is that when you use bmax for infinity balls, the game can't end so it won't save your score

    never mind! If you press just max a bunch of times in a row it will say tilt! And end your gam

    type without the quotations hiddentest then click

    i got 4 million without cheating

     It wont let me save my score.  WHY? (i have windows 7)

    you have to hold down shift and press h it goes to the highscore and your score is a billion