Introduction: Winter Hot Cap

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This cap keep your head warm during winter season.

Step 1: Materials

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1.unfitted /waste jeans trouser.
2.waste saree/clothes
3.small water house pipes
4.two pen caps

Step 2: Step-1

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1.cut the jeans  trouser below your knees
2.draw the side elevation of the head (two pieces)
3.cut two or three inches rectangular strip of length that connects the two pieces of head elevation .
4.stitch all the three pieces as shown in the image(making-1).you got a first stage of cap.

Step 3: Step-2

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1.stich the first stage cap again on clothe.
2.keep the clothe cap inside the jean one
3.stich all the sides except bottom get two layer of cap(jaean and cloth)

Step 4: Step-3

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1.stich throought the cap that parallel to the shap of the cap with equal intravals.(intravals should little bigger than the water house pipe.).see the image making -3.
2.that makes the tunnel like structure inside the cap.

Step 5: Step-4

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1.insert the water house pipe  inside the tunnel.

Step 6: Step-5

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1.boil the water(affordable heat)
2.insert the one end of the hose in hot water ,suck it through the other end untill it reaches the mouth.
3.the hot water spreads throughout the tube,close the both ends with pen cap.
4.wear it ,pull the both end that get tightened and fits with your head .
5.keep your head warm,that make you feel like steam massage......enjoy


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