Wipped Cream Safe





Introduction: Wipped Cream Safe

About: im a maker

a safe made out of a wipped cream can

Step 1: What You Need...

a wipped cream can
a can opener
soft wax

Step 2: Open It Up

use the can opener to open the bottom of the can

Step 3: Wash It Out

clean the inside of the wipped cream can

Step 4: Push the Bottom Back On

push the bottom back on and put some wax around the edge so it stays on



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    Unusual can opener and could be tough to find. They work great and I have a couple of them. You can't squeeze the juice out of canned tuna though... The main problem is that the kids won't leave any can of whipped cream alone. Better to make it out of a food product that most kids wouldn't mess with. Olives? Spam? Anchovys?

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    Actually, that type of can opener is and has been pretty common for years; you just notice the other type because it's different, noisier and harder to use. The type used here is, in fact, more easily found and more common than the old chisel type openers.

    Instead of wax. you should get some weak magnets and put them on the inside of the can and then win the lid is put on it is weakly (enough to not fall off) held in place but not so hard ull never get it off

    I noticed you have A cutco knife in the background.... I know that's random, but I wanted to mention it anyway.

    no, the opener cant fit on the rim of the can. if you can find one that fits thats great

    Add some refrigerant and you can steal some DINO DNA!!! Brilliant!

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    yeah, how'd they do it in the movie?

    Wait i hope she dont want any whipped cream. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! that mite suck how would I explain that....

    Sweet i hot glued a small hinge then i put this thin magnet thing i found on girlfriend fridge. i cut it in half then hot glued the on opposite of the hinge then one to the bottom lid it works perfect. Great idea now my girlfriend wont ever get a new 300 doller dress with out my concent Then tell me her mom gave her the money:( mua ha ha ha ha thank you in way

    ya axe was my first choice but it dosnt work

    Hey i Think its neat, But You might consider... If you live with other people they might find that its empty and throw it away and bye bye to the stuff in side mabey try an axe can or something insted. But Lots of credit to the the idea Very cool :)

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    12 years ago

    I'm partial to used cans of compressed air, I found it to be much cleaner & they blend in nicely to a clutter computer desk. Thanks for the tip rdeol85, now I'm going to have to try that on my next one.

    thats cool

    Bad ass idea. I have a nosey room mate. Ha Ha...eat this roomy

    I made one of these that has a secure magnetic lid. I just made as described then I pushed the canister onto a 1/4" thick piece of styrofoam then i cut it down to a ring with 1/4" width. After securing this just inside the bottom of the can with hot glue I used two magnets on opposite side of the ring to help secure the bottom lid from moving or falling off.