Picture of wire and bead tree

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Step 1:

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cut a length of wire enough to make the first branch
put enough beads * about 1/3 of the wire

Step 2:

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start from the beginning of the wire with 5 beads and twist down to make a loop

Step 3:

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make enough loops
the more you make the long the branch will be

Step 4:

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now you made enough they should be single number 1,3,5,7,

Step 5:

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divide them there will be one loop in the middle and in each side the
same number of loops
take each faced two and twist them together as seen in the photo

Step 6:

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open the branch like that

Step 7:

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bent the loops down to make like grapes
make benches as much as u want

Step 8:

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wrap numbers of  branches as u like
i wrap three pink and one balk
wrap them tightly and wrap a wire around the all evenly
like a coil to hide the stem

Step 9:

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wrap the branches the way you like to get
a tree shape
wrap the wire around the big stem after u wrap every two branches

Step 10:

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hi now we are about finish the tree
you can bend the branches the way you like
and on different distances

Step 11:

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to finish the trunk i wrapped cotton around the stem then
alum foil finally i wrap the wire around them all evenly
and make 3 roots at the end to be a base for
the tree
u can but the tree in a vase and fill it with gypsum
folklife3 years ago
Isn't Gypsum "Plaster of Paris?" I used masking tape to make the roots stick to the bottom of a flower pot, a small can, etc. Then I filled this with stones held together with white glue Invisible when dry! About 2 days!. Works for me!!
But HOW did you get the roots to stick around a ROCK???