Wire Craft - Dragon





Introduction: Wire Craft - Dragon

a dragon made from color wires stripped from computer printer cables. the wings are self adhersive plastic sheet. thin wires are used as frame for the wings and legs...
what do you think of it?



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    I loved your dragon!

    But I wanted to do one too...

    Your instructions are not finished... so sad...

    You ever going to finish the instructions?

    sorry about not updating.
    I will try to continue with the how-to ...

    hope you update this instructables

    Fab, is the instructable up yet??

    I want to try to use the plastic lanyard string but i think I may need a lot.
    How much wire (in feet long) did you use?

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    You can use whatever length available from 2 to 4 feet and you need at least about 15 lengths.
    I usually stripped a 2m long printer cable for a dragon with just some left over. Btw a printer cable has 25 wires I think.
    You need not worry about the length as you can add more wire as you work your way from the head to the body. As the body becomes fatter you add wire and towards the tail - you cut them off gradually to achieve a tapered tail.
    Good luck.

    awsome! can u make an instructable on how to make it?

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    I have started the instructable with the head of the dragon
    I will continue with the rest ... Has anyone actually start making the dragon head yet?

    Sweet!! Love the wings. Way better then the ones I used to make.
    this one is about "2 high. How big are yours?

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    Wingspan = 10'"
    Nose to tail = 8"
    Height = 3"

    cool, definitely need to try this out sometime:)

    I have added the step by step for making the dragon. the first part is just creating the head of the dragon. I am not sure if it is easy to photos. just let me know if you need help.

    I will put more photos for the 2nd part - which will be the horns, bodym tail and spinal fins.

    The four legs and the wings.... I think I will put up something simpler for those who want to start with something simple .... like an ant.

    Oh, yeah! Please show us how you did it! I want one!!!

    i am working on the step-by-step.i will put it up asap ... it is kind of like combining braiding pony tail with macrame, fishing rig knots, etc.
    I put up another picture - hopefully it is larger and clearer so that you can see the way how the knots are done ... cheers.


    love it ! hate thats theres no "ible" I have 4 or 5 failed attempts at wire dragons littering my studio, they all seem to look more like dinosaurs than dragons = (

    Looks awesome!! Some more pictures and description of how the wires were put together would be nice..

    I definitely want instructions for this!