Wireless Mouse in a Nes Gamepad 2





Introduction: Wireless Mouse in a Nes Gamepad 2

after seeinga mousebasednesgamepad(createfoam)
Idecideto dosomething similarwireless!

the A and B button are click,
the D-pad is the scrollwheel

receiver is in the back



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    This is amazing, this is the cool is mouse the coolest mouse I've ever seen, but I'm a little unclear on what you did for the wheel hole (I guess is what you would call it) how did you do that part? The only thing I figured was that you got little squares of plastic drilled holes though them and put a cap on the bottom, is that what you did?
    Thanks in advance,

    Man, that looks so similar to the fake "nes mouse" that popped up on the internet a few years back.

    That's awesome that you made it a reality! Love the scroll wheel... well, I love everything about it!

    you should make the two spare buttons for going through webpage tabs :D

    i did the base structure with makrolon (polycarbonate)
    it can bend easily, it does not break

    the PMMA is not as well because it does not twist and is very brittle

    to put everything I use epoxy glue two components

    for the finishing, I use polyester putty, primer and paint