Wireless Mouse in a Nes Gamepad 3





Introduction: Wireless Mouse in a Nes Gamepad 3

Here is mythirdversion of themousenes

the original nes mouse was made by
you can see the original at:


itis shorter,betterdesign, more ergonomic than my V2 andwith

Step 1:

first, cutand keep thenecessary elements
that is tosay, thed-padand buttonshousing

shorteningthe chassis1 cm

removeabothersomepiecesinside, turningwith tongs

Step 2:

trace theperiphery of the baseof the mouse
(in my case, I drewthefollowing withoutthebattery door)

cutbottom ofgamepad

I usea jigsawand thengentlywhile goingafter alime

Step 3:

useofglue (cyanoacrylate) to holdElementsquickly

in this case, I cutthebattery doorto fit intheetched

Ifinished pastingeverythingwithepoxy gluetwo components (to takelongerbut veryresistant)

Step 4:

I usepolycarbonate (Makrolon) toformtheouter
itwarmsin the oven at160 °celsiusbecomessoft enough totake thedesiredrounded shape

pmmanottakethe smell is strongbecauseit is brittleand

cuta littlethe upperframe of thegamepad,pasteand cutthe sidesdrawnagood shape
positioning theupperheated beforehandandstick withgluesomepoint

tracethe location of thebutton
severaldrillhole,cut between theholewith a clampand finish with alime

Step 5:

for thescrollwheel,itdepends on thesysteminthe donor mouse
for myV2is amechanical systemand myV3it isan optical system

inany case,I made aframein whichI puta smallbearing
I piercethed-padto put athreaded rod

the partsarebrassfor moreinertia

Step 6:

I addeda piece ofMakrolonand a smalllatchto close thebattery door

for buttons,Iextend thelegsswitchand I puttheswitchin front of thehole andsecure withhotglue

Step 7:

Finally,I usedmastic,sandingpaper,the primerand paint
for color,Imade​​a bitofgraybeigeto makeusedgamepad

Step 8:

Finally,I usedmastic,sandingpaper,the primerand paint
for color,Imade​​a bitofgraybeigeto makeusedgamepad



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    Some of the steps I still don't understand would it be possible for you to make a descriptive video?

    I'm pretty sure nearly anything can be 3-D printed, from the things I've seen done.

    You did a great job, I'm happy to see my creation grow into something that actually works.

    However, I think you could at least have credited your source, even though you made this thing real you didn't come up with the idea nor the design.

    For anyone who's interested you can check the original design at my website: http://threepercentdone.com/#12

    2 replies

    I said that I had copied the design on your by creating the second version
    only, I found plenty of links but never your site .... sorry

    I made these mice because I fell in love with your and I wanted a functional, wireless and a Dpad scrollwheel

    I'll edit my Instructables to quote your site
    if you want, I removes my two mice on the site

    No no, by all means keep stuff up. I like what you've done here, as I said, nice to see it being realized as something else as just a concept. A linkback would be nice though :)

    well, that looks like you either spent a year on it or you decided to buy one. GREAT QORK

    2 replies

    it take me 3 days to make this mouse.....!

    Np, just noticed i said QORK instead of work... sorry bout that. Anyway, i am probably gonna make this when i get my hands on a nespad... actually i like your version 2 better, the posioning of the scroll wheel... either way. great job on this. Mind blown, 3 FREAKIN DAYS?! HOLY CRAP you officially blew my mind.

    Great work there, Not very complicated electronics tinkering but excellent excellent craftsmanship and finishing

    I will forever live in envy of your finishing skills. That is some fine craftsmanship, nicework!

    i love the design... its very nintendo-ish... :D

    Very original and cool!!!

    Here is my collection of homemade nintendo mouse