Picture of wireless mouse in a nes gamepad 3
Here is my third version of the mouse nes

the original nes mouse was made by
you can see the original at:


it is shorter, better design, more ergonomic than my V2 and with
logitech electronics

Step 1:

Picture of
first, cut and keep the necessary elements
that is to say, the d-pad and buttons housing

shortening the chassis 1 cm

remove a bothersome pieces inside, turning with tongs
it is easily

Step 2:

Picture of
trace the periphery of the base of the mouse
(in my case, I drew the following without the battery door)

cut bottom of gamepad

I use a jigsaw and then gently while going after a lime

Step 3:

Picture of
use of glue (cyanoacrylate) to hold Elements quickly

in this case, I cut the battery door to fit in the etched

I finished pasting everything with epoxy glue two components (to take longer but very resistant)

Step 4:

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I use polycarbonate (Makrolon) to form the outer
it warms in the oven at 160 ° celsius becomes soft enough to take the desired rounded shape

pmma not take the smell is strong because it is brittle and

cut a little the upper frame of the gamepad, paste and cut the sides drawn a good shape
positioning the upper heated beforehand and stick with glue some point

trace the location of the button
several drill hole, cut between the hole with a clamp and finish with a lime

Step 5:

Picture of
for the scrollwheel, it depends on the system in the donor mouse
for my V2 is a mechanical system and my V3 it is an optical system

in any case, I made a frame in which I put a small bearing
I pierce the d-pad to put a threaded rod

the parts are brass for more inertia

Step 6:

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I added a piece of Makrolon and a small latch to close the battery door

for buttons, I extend the legs switch and I put the switch in front of the hole and secure with hot glue

Step 7:

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Finally, I used mastic, sanding paper, the primer and paint
for color, I made ​​a bit of gray beige to make used gamepad

Step 8:

Picture of
Finally, I used mastic, sanding paper, the primer and paint
for color, I made ​​a bit of gray beige to make used gamepad
luigi1123442 years ago
Some of the steps I still don't understand would it be possible for you to make a descriptive video?
You did a great job, I'm happy to see my creation grow into something that actually works.

However, I think you could at least have credited your source, even though you made this thing real you didn't come up with the idea nor the design.

For anyone who's interested you can check the original design at my website: http://threepercentdone.com/#12
champx (author)  Switch and Lever2 years ago
I said that I had copied the design on your by creating the second version
only, I found plenty of links but never your site .... sorry

I made these mice because I fell in love with your and I wanted a functional, wireless and a Dpad scrollwheel

I'll edit my Instructables to quote your site
if you want, I removes my two mice on the site
No no, by all means keep stuff up. I like what you've done here, as I said, nice to see it being realized as something else as just a concept. A linkback would be nice though :)
Krayzi992 years ago
well, that looks like you either spent a year on it or you decided to buy one. GREAT QORK
champx (author)  Krayzi992 years ago
it take me 3 days to make this mouse.....!
Krayzi99 champx2 years ago
Np, just noticed i said QORK instead of work... sorry bout that. Anyway, i am probably gonna make this when i get my hands on a nespad... actually i like your version 2 better, the posioning of the scroll wheel... either way. great job on this. Mind blown, 3 FREAKIN DAYS?! HOLY CRAP you officially blew my mind.
Great work there, Not very complicated electronics tinkering but excellent excellent craftsmanship and finishing
Tomdf2 years ago
I will forever live in envy of your finishing skills. That is some fine craftsmanship, nicework!
hocngiap2 years ago
i love the design... its very nintendo-ish... :D
J-Five2 years ago
Very original and cool!!!
champx (author) 2 years ago
Here is my collection of homemade nintendo mouse