Here is mythirdversion of themousenes

the original nes mouse was made by
you can see the original at:


itis shorter,betterdesign, more ergonomic than my V2 andwith

Step 1:

first, cutand keep thenecessary elements
that is tosay, thed-padand buttonshousing

shorteningthe chassis1 cm

removeabothersomepiecesinside, turningwith tongs
Some of the steps I still don't understand would it be possible for you to make a descriptive video?
You did a great job, I'm happy to see my creation grow into something that actually works. <br> <br>However, I think you could at least have credited your source, even though you made this thing real you didn't come up with the idea nor the design. <br> <br>For anyone who's interested you can check the original design at my website: http://threepercentdone.com/#12
I said that I had copied the design on your by creating the second version <br>only, I found plenty of links but never your site .... sorry <br> <br>I made these mice because I fell in love with your and I wanted a functional, wireless and a Dpad scrollwheel <br> <br>I'll edit my Instructables to quote your site <br>if you want, I removes my two mice on the site
No no, by all means keep stuff up. I like what you've done here, as I said, nice to see it being realized as something else as just a concept. A linkback would be nice though :)
well, that looks like you either spent a year on it or you decided to buy one. GREAT QORK
it take me 3 days to make this mouse.....! <br>thanks!
Np, just noticed i said QORK instead of work... sorry bout that. Anyway, i am probably gonna make this when i get my hands on a nespad... actually i like your version 2 better, the posioning of the scroll wheel... either way. great job on this. Mind blown, 3 FREAKIN DAYS?! HOLY CRAP you officially blew my mind.
Great work there, Not very complicated electronics tinkering but excellent excellent craftsmanship and finishing
I will forever live in envy of your finishing skills. That is some fine craftsmanship, nicework!
i love the design... its very nintendo-ish... :D
Very original and cool!!!
Here is my collection of homemade nintendo mouse

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