Step 5: Make Egg Puns

Time to make some classic egg puns to put inside our eggs.

Since eggs are quite voluminous inside, your verbiage doesn't need top be just one line; you can write a poem or a small message related to puns. Even the most verbose oration can fit inside this ova.
Be creative with your egg theme, your guests will eggspect as much once they realize the egg is a bearer of fortune.

I searched everywhere looking for some unique eggs puns that weren't cliché: turns out, it's impossible. I'm pretty sure there's no such thing as a new egg-related pun or eggspesssion. In my internet search I even found my way back to an Instructable forum topic (was hit #6 on Google for 'egg puns'!).

Here's the ones I used:
  • “I have met a lot of hardboiled eggs in my time, but you're twenty minutes.” - Oscar Wilde
  • omletting you know you've got egg on your face
  • Egg puns: Albumening to talk to you about that, an oeuf is enough
  • cracking egg puns, ovum my dead body
If you think you've got an egg pun that no one has heard before leave your pun in the comments below.
<p>wow the blowing of that egg is fantastic</p>
Very punny
This reminds me of a project my class was doing with egg shells, we were all supposed to bring in and empty egg, and my dad used a little shop vac to blow out the whites and yoke. Also, to this day I have no clue what we were going to do with the shells cause I got suspended and the teacher gave my empty egg to someone else &gt;.&gt; <br><br> Moral to this story, you can't go wrong with a shop vac ;)<br>
I put an omlett recipie:
My egg pun:<br><br>Ain't you glad this wasn't a cookie, and a chicken didn't lay this saying? I replaced a yolk with a joke!
Awesome, I love terrible puns! I drive my girlfriend and my daughter crazy with the bad jokes I make, this would be a fun way to push them closer to the edge. Of course, bringing them an omelette with the bad jokes might soften the blow and make it go over easy.
over easy. lol.
I love puns. Great job!
Wow cool! How did you make those progressive images into one image in the &quot;Bonus&quot; step and the last step?
I'd say they probably just used Paint or something. Just copy-pasted the image over.
don't think so...but maybe<br>
Oh you're talking about a GIF image. I can't see any GIF image. Maybe my browser or something.
Thanks!<br /> It's an animated GIf assembled in Photoshop, <a href="http://youtu.be/Z93Z1v5dypE">here's how it's done</a>
Clever &amp; funny!<br>
Love the humor! Super idea! Thanks for sharing. I will add this to my family fun.
I don't know how long you've been sitting on this idea, but it's quite a project. Dorky + crafty + high potential for deliciousness = eggcellence.
Great new project, 'saurus! Just don't let your success go huevo-ver your head.
Yolk quiero Taco Bell!<br><br>Oeuf - Wiedersehen
Egg-citing idea.

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