i made  this chair at school in wood shop an sutter middle in sacramnto 
This isn't an instructable. It's a few pictures.
ya. I know. I had made this a long time ago when i wasn't used to the sight.
Where is the instructable ? <br />
i dont have the plans or aloud to have my camera at school when i made the chair
thank you
Do you still have the plans for this chair???
on but i probly might be able to get them from my wood shop teacher
Good work on the chair. Your spelling and grammar could use a little more, though.
lovely job - this chair is well made. well done!<br>
Nice job!
thank you
That is very impressive, especially for a middle school project. Our middle school projects in the late 1950s were much less ambitious and impressive. I hope you continue to do things like this.
thank you

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