Wood Carve Koi Fish


Introduction: Wood Carve Koi Fish

About: not an artist just have ALOT of time on my hands

a wall decor I've create myself

Step 1: I've Purchased a Beginners Chisels Set Online for Less Than 10 Bucks...had Plenty of Ply Wood Laying Around at Work ...worst Kind of Wood to Carve With... Broke One of My Chisel Already. Drew Out My Idea Picture First.

Step 2: Start Chiselling Around Picture First and Go From There.

Step 3: When Done I Smooth Everything Out With Sandpaper. Then Took a Torch to It to Bring Out the Picture.

Step 4: Then Glaze It With Clear Epoxy

Step 5: Last I Added Real Plants and Flowers to Add Color and Then Drown It in Epoxy to Give a Nice Clear Coat to It. Tada.... Done

Next project will be a coffee table



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