Introduction: Wood Wars the Game

Picture of Wood Wars   the Game

 Learn how my scout troop   Troop 30    creates realistic battle scenarios    with just a few sticks and large pieces of wood

PLEASE do not criticize as this is my first instructable    constructive criticism welcome

                                  SCOUTMASTERS   If you have any concerns, suggestions, or requests   I would be happy to take them!!!

Step 1: Choose Your Style of Warfare

Picture of Choose Your Style of Warfare

 you need to choose either swords or guns

                   In this picture, I am neither the man nor the woman

Step 2: Decide on a Time Period

Picture of Decide on a Time Period

 I would choose either any WW2 theater of war or freestyle

Step 3: Choose Teams and Commanders

Picture of Choose Teams and Commanders

 For instance, in my troop, I am the Commander of the Battle Tigers Heavy Infantry Division

           For a team name, you can use just about anything as long as it is intimidating (and Cookie Monsters is NOT intimidating)

          Then you need a style either heavy or light   and a unit size other than army and Corp.

Step 4: Axis and Allied (good and Enemy)

Picture of Axis and Allied  (good and Enemy)

 Now you need to choose either axis or allied for both teams

 depending on the style you chose (swords or guns)   if you chose swords it will be set up in a way that lets you charge and disarm your adversary thus capturing him (who ever has the most soldiers left when the scoutmaster calls everyone in   or one team is completely eliminated   wins

          (If you chose guns then see the next step)

Step 5: If You Chose Guns

Picture of If You Chose Guns

 If you chose guns then the scouts will have to be honest and know when they are dead
they need to know that a medic can revive them     one medic per team      you also need a forest

            the axis team   depending on the circumstances    will advance a reasonable distance into the woods and set up a base          The allied team will then rally their troops and send out lightly armed patrols and scouts     the game ends when either the axis or the allied is dead

               I have fought entire battles and not taken or fired a single shot because of the loyalty of my troops

REMEMBER   it is not a great commander or tactician who wins the war    but a division that works well TOGETHER   this is a team based game and no single person can win it

Step 6: Additional Rules

Picture of Additional Rules

 NO actual guns or weapons
NO airsoft or paintball guns
NO sling shots
NO Hurting anybody 
NO exceptions

Step 7: Remember These Simple Rules and the Game Will Go Smoothly

Picture of Remember These Simple Rules and the Game Will Go Smoothly

 Best of luck to you    and may GENERAL EISENHOWER be with you always

Step 8: Other Rules and How to Play the Game

Picture of Other Rules and How to Play the Game

 if you get shot you are DEAD    no exceptions
with a sword you may only hit your opponent's weapon   NO EXCEPTIONS
This is a survival game   like Zombie Tag     (I will make that instructable soon)
this is also like paintball and airsoft   just without working weapons
Basically, to play the game, you need to send soldiers into the woods to eliminate the enemy commander and his or her division
      I suggest that you use formations and stealth to your advantage  as well as surprise and overwhelming force
             A fun tactic is to surround the enemy and force them to surrender


ferusfett011 (author)2013-05-24

I love razorbacks !!!!!!!!! Go Arkansas!!!!!

bendog38 (author)2011-05-03

To clear this up: The instructible is vague FOR A REASON. For those of you who can't figure it out, it's to leave room for improvement by others. The pictures on the other hand, I had no camera when I made this. I will update it this weekend. I rarely go on troop outings, so I will need to either use a timer on the camera OR use my friend Zach. It might take longer than expected. I am sorry about not letting you know about this sooner.

thefoodman (author)2010-05-15

 I think I'll do this with airsoft or nerf.

bendog38 (author)thefoodman2010-05-22

 Doing something like that would be a very good idea.  I can't believe I didn't think of that my self!!!  Remember, be safe and high fps headshots are not exactly safe.

TigerNod (author)2010-03-22

I do not understand. What is this entire instructable all about?

bendog38 (author)TigerNod2010-03-23

 How to make a battle scenario with wood

TigerNod (author)bendog382010-03-23

It's not a very clear instructable, try reordering the steps, making a better intro, explain what you want to do, and how you want to do it. If you don't know how, maybe I can help you out.

lemonie (author)2010-03-15

You don't appear to have used any pictures that are your own and relevant, and I don't really understand what it is you're talking about.
Something about sticks is as much as I can read, could you explain how this works in working-game-play terms?


bendog38 (author)lemonie2010-03-15

 It is pretty straight forward   but I did not have a camera available      I had a hard time finding a picture of a stick on google  and also had trouble with figuring out which pictures were usable      I only need you to tell me    WHAT THE HECK ARE " WORKING-GAME-PLAY TERMS"???

bendog38 (author)bendog382010-03-15

 By the way   I understand that step 2 does not have an appropriate picture

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