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Introduction: Wooden Arabian Knife (Khanjar)

turn an old log to a beautiful inlaid Arabian Khanjar!

Step 1: Drawing Your Design, Choosing Your Wood

  • The first step is to choose or draw a design that you wish to make, here i chose to make an arabian knive or khanjar خنجر with a handle inlaid with glass jewelery and an antique looking pin on the pommel.
  • i cut a wood log in half, with a height about 26 cm and 6.5 cm in diametre, the wood has seasoned alot on the balcony under full sun and rain so its a bit decomposed on the outer look.
  • the wood is from the tree Melia Azedarach, which really has a tough grain.

Step 2: The Main Shape

  • Using a handsaw and a BIG wooden hammer i made, i carved the rough shape of the Khanjar, i also used a small wide U chisel since the rough shape is already, small.
  • then i carve the main shape of the knive with a sharp razor.

Step 3: Working With Details

  • With the razor, i start shaping the whole knife and rounding the corners of the handle and smoothing the wooden blade .
  • Continue removing wood from the blade to give it a sturdy shape, then with a hard sandpaper sand it till it has a straight surface on the sides of the wooden blade, you should also sand the top and bottom to give smooth round, at the bottom sand it diagonally to give it a cutting edge
  • i draw the handle shape on the handle and carve it with the razor,then draw circles where jewelry inlaying should be

Step 4: Inlaying

  • im really sorry since some steps wheren't captured during inlaying.. so i'm gonna explain by words.
  • after carving the main shape i choose the jewelry colors and sizes, then with a driller i make shallow holes where the jewelry should be placed, the holes of course match the size of the jewelry which is 4 mm for the small ones and 5mm for the purple ones, as for the pommel, i chose an antique looking pin which kinda looks like a turks or arab hat from above
  • before inlaying, i sand the whole knive with smooth sandpaper, then i sent the knive to laquer it, which gives it a nice glossy look, and preserve the wood better.
  • then i start putting wood vinyl or wood glue on the bottom of every peace then inlaying it in the handle with a nice push downwards (although some peaces are higher than others but who cares! that's my first try) and that took me a lot of patience, ALOT.

Step 5: Complete!

16 hours of hard work from log to full handmade arabic khanjar

hope you like it :D



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    lol that's epic man! I'ma make one!

    Looks very beautiful. loved the little stones. But it should be curvier than that. Yours look like a bowie knife. consider making a wooden steathe for that knife. Then we are talking arab.

    2 replies

    Thank you for that advice! a wooden sheath would complete the knife definetly, i would have made it curvier but the log width doesn't allow me to do so.

    much more appreciated!

    Use an already curved log.


    So amazing! I have a knife but it's too little. ;-)

    1 reply

    Is this purely decor or can it be given a sharp edge without it breaking the second it touches anything?

    1 reply

    Dperkins6 since the whole knife is made of wood i guess its a decorative item, although i tried cutting through foam board and paper which did the job, it can cut through similar soft objects, but a collision against a wall or a hard material would sweep off the pointy edge but won't break easily since the type of wood used has a strong grain.