I'm always tapping on things in my workshop. Usually a ball peen is close by but will Mar or dent metal or wood. So I figure a good thing to have around is a Malley.

Step 1: Choosing the Lumber

This is a piece of black walnut that is from a fallen limb. It happens to be free but after playing with it the last few months it is one of my favorites now.

Step 2: Put It on the Lathe

this step is just about making it round. lots of saw dust

Step 3: Turning the Overall Shape

This is where I put my champher on the knocking end. Custom fit handle for my hand. And I like a heavy butt end that helps balance the overall weight

Step 4: Finito

Take the mallet off of the lathe, cut off the scrap and commence to beatin!!

Step 5:

<p>Nice, although I would be afraid to hit things with it, it looks so nice!</p>

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