Wooden Beer Crate





Introduction: Wooden Beer Crate

I made this beer crate with some whitewood i took from a pallet.
The size is 44cm x 26cm x 26cm.

Step 1: Hammering

The planks are 1,5 cm thick
The sizes of the planks are.
4 of 44x11
2 of 41x11
4 of 26x5
4 of 23x11
I used some old rusty nails to hammer it together and drove the nails a bit into the wood.

Step 2: Sanding and Beating

I've pushed it over a concrete floor ,beat up the corners with a hammer, made some worm holes with a nail and did some sanding.

Step 3: Aging the Wood

 It's best to wear rubber gloves and eye protection
Tear up some steel wool and put it in a jar.
Pour household vinegar over it , enough to fully cover the steel wool.
Wait 24 hours or longer.
I experimented with the use of tea before applying the vinegar steel wool solution.
And some washing soda water solution for bleaching.
But i only used the vinegar steel wool which stood for three days before i used it.
I put on the solution with a paint brush and immediately wiped it with a rag.

Step 4: Some More Sanding

Did some more sanding after the crate had dried.

Step 5: Put Some Text on It

I used some transfer paper for t-shirts to get the text on the wood.
Look here for more details on printing on wood.
I put on a beer brand ,but you could also put something else on.
Or in a different color.
When the text had dried i sanded it a bit.
I couldn't get of all the wax.



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    12 Discussions

    I love it, here my end result

    2016, 14.12.jpg

    If you lower the four vertical boards a centimeter, the crate will 'stand' on those, while making it 'stackable'..

    Great crate !

    I am planning to build a couple of these over the weekend -- what a great design. My question is do you have any ideas for the top of them? Do you use these to age home brewed beer in or just tote around beer? I was planning to use them store and age home brew and wondered if you used them for that and if you had suggestions for keeping them in the dark to age.

    1 reply

    The only time had beer bottles in it was for the photo.
    And i don't have any experience with home brewed beer.
    For the top you could go for something like this http://img1.etsystatic.com/003/0/6150710/il_fullxfull.368867957_9bhp.jpg

    nice work - authentic look and easy to follow, will do this for my Christmas batches.

    a trick that works for me is hit it with rusty chains, gives it a nice used look

    so did you only use the vinegar and steel wool? an i dont get how u apply it? dose the steel wool brake down in the vinegar? sorry for being a pain

    3 replies

    No pain ,glad to see people interested in my creations.
    I put on the solution with a paint brush and immediately wiped it with a rag.
    Yes the vinegar brakes down the steel wool ,but nog completely.
    If you search "ebonizing and vinegar" on google you will find more details.

    Thanks!! very quick response, dose the crate smell of vinegar? and i take it its the dark vinegar yeah? im gonna try and make this very soon ill show you some pics if its a success. thanks again

    The vinegar steel wool mix doesn't smell like vinegar and the smell it did have wore off in a few days.
    I didn't even know there was dark vinegar.
    I used the normal transparent type my girlfriend has in the kitchen.
    I will love to see some pics if you make one.