Step 6: Decorings

Picture of decorings
To make it  look better i've put some rings out of sheetmetal around them.
Best is to screw these behind the handle  into one piece of wood.
You could also use some rope to put around the mug.
With the angle grinder i made some grooves and glued the rings in.

mphilips3 years ago
Hey, Just make the mug the way a real cooper would do it. Split your wood out of a log , shape each piece with on the shaving horse, (NO glue) shape a handle with one piece, assemble and make your bands out of wood. Fresh cut white oak is the best. Don't forget to put in the bottom and them keep the mug wet and after the first time it leaks and if mand right it will hold the beer.

mkim14 years ago
If you wanted to try to do it the actual way that they made wooden barrels, you have rings made a size a little smaller than would fit, then heat them up in a coal fire. soak the cup in water (whole thing). Slide the rings on while hot.

the rings should be expanded because of the heat.
the heat burns the soaked wood, making the grooves for the rings.
the water from the wood, causes the rings to cool down, which makes them shrink.

this is why barrels are water tight, without glue.