Wooden Boxes With One or Two Hinges


Introduction: Wooden Boxes With One or Two Hinges

I have one of this seen in the web and wrote a onlinetool to create such boxes with two or three mouseclicks.

the first box have two hinges and can be opend to both sides
the second box has only one hinge and looks like a book ;-) this is a derivate from a box seen on thingiverse...

each box are attached as *.svg and *.pdf



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    I'm amazed at how easy it is to assemble this box and literally no glue is needed to keep the parts together - well done:) I've scaled the model to match a 4mm thickness of MDF plate, and here's the result:) - thanks!

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    If you create more than one box with different materials try my boxgenerator ;-)

    Visit YouTube: