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Introduction: Wooden Bull's Head

When I traveled recently through Utah, I came across a diner with some wooden bull's heads on the wall. I scribbled their basic layout in my notebook as an inspiration for my own version of it.

It is very easy to build this wall decoration. You can built it in any size (mine is approx. 1m/3feet from horn tip to horn tip) and use any material. I took old scrap wood for my version, but cardboard would surely look very nice.

Step 1: Gather Your Material

I decided to build my bull's head from scrap wood I found in a trash container at a construction site (I really like this worn out look, old wood gets, when it has been exposed to sun & rain).

Apart from the wood I used:

  • a wall mounting
  • a couple of screws (nails surely work as good)
  • glue
  • an electric jigsaw
  • a battey driven screwdriver

Of course, these items are completely up to what you want to use.

You can as well just use some nails for assembling the pieces, etc.

Step 2: Print Out the Template & Cut the Wood

Just download the jpg or Inkscape file and print it out in any size you want.

Transfer the shapes onto your wood (or whatever you use) and cut it out.

I think everything is quite self-explanatory.

Step 3: Put Everything Together

The bull's head consists of three parts:

  • the back of the head (part A)
  • the front of the head (part C)
  • the horns (part B)
    (since I only had short pieces of wood, I split the horns in two parts)

Put the front of the head (C) face-down on a table and put some glue on it.

Put horns (B) and back of the head (A) on the the glue and fix the parts with some screws or nails.

That's all.

Step 4: Attach a Wall Mounting

I attached an old wall mounting I found in my workshop.

Step 5: Hang It on the Wall

Mine hangs above of bed.

The first nights I was a bit scares that it falls down, but by now it's still on the wall...

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Nice thanks for sharing

i just printed out the build pictures and i am thinking of making a big version of it 2mtrs by 3 or more it looks great for something one can make itselves even with two left hands witch ive got.

This is awesome. So many people built from your design.

1 reply

Thanks. I am really intrigued that sow many people like it.

nice idea thanks for that Mads


very cool design would make a good feature peice

Awesome project. I'm going to have to make it myself.

Wow I love minimalist the design is, but still perfectly communicates the idea. Good job! Thanks for sharing!